Willkommen bei der Zuchtstätte "Hohnuhk'e"

(Zuchstätte der Rasse "Parson Russell Terrier"
nach dem Rassestandard FCI/ÖKV/PJRT)


!!! Wir haben aktuell Welpen !!!


Wir suchen noch unsere Familie




Zum C-Wurf 2023/2024


Die Bedeutung von "Hohnuhk'e"
In fact the word Heyoka means "opposite of nature". Among the Arapahos and Crows, the Contraries were called "Crazy Dogs Wishing to Die/Dog soldiers", and the
Cheyenne word for them was Hohnuhk'e, a word, like Heyoka, whichconveys the idea of doing precisely the reverse of what is said. These Contraries were groups of sacred clowns in a way, in that
their reverse antics delighted the people and provided comic relief in an otherwise serious situation, but in battle they were the bravest of warriors. A contrary might measure the depth of a
water puddle by laying an arrow horizontally in the water and claim it to be over his head; at which he would splash around in it claiming to be drowning and another member would come to
rescue him. They rode their horses while facing the tail, they shivered from cold on a hot summer day and dressed for summer in the winter. If they meant to say "Yes", they said "No."




Copyright by Ing. Bernhard Hofmann